VA's eBenefits Brings Online Convenience To Your VA Benefits


eBenefits is a VA website that lets you access and manage your VA records for many benefits. It also provides a list of links to other sites that provide information about military and Veteran benefits.

What Can I Do In eBenefits?

You can do many thing in eBenefits depending on your status:

If you are a veteran you can:

  • Apply for veteran benefits
  • Check the status of your claims applications
  • Upload documents in support of your claims
  • Search for jobs
  • View your Tricare insurance
  • Sign up for Veterans' Group Life Insurance (VGLI) (Time limits apply)
  • Order prescription medications
  • Send a message to your doctor
  • Download your medical history and test results
  • Utilize the military skills translator and résumé builder
  • Order medical equipment such as hearing aid batteries and prosthetic socks
  • Check on your appeal status
  • Generate a VA home loan certificate of eligibility
  • Obtain official military personnel documents such as DD Form 214
  • Register for and update direct deposit information for certain benefits
  • Change your address

If you are a service member you can:

  • Use the eLearning Center for the online transition assistance program
  • Transfer Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits
  • View Tricare insurance
  • Sign up for service member out-of-pocket medical expenses (CCD)
  • View Service members' Group Life Insurance (SGLI) elections
  • Apply for veterans benefits
  • Conduct a health benefits eligibility check
  • Generate a VA home loan certificate of eligibility

If you are a family member of a veteran or service member you can:

  • Check on your compensation and pension claims status
  • Use the eLearning Center to get important health information
  • View Post-9/11 GI Bill enrollment status
  • Check your VA payment history

How To access eBenefits

eBenefits is located at Before you can access and use eBenefits you must get a DS Logon or Common Access Card (CAC). 

A DS Logon is a secure identity (username and password) that is used by various DoD and VA websites, including eBenefits. If you are already registered in DEERS, you are eligible for a DS Logon. Once you have a DS Logon, it’s valid for the rest of your life.

You can register for an eBenefits account online.

There are two types of registration, Basic and Premium. Many people will be able to get a premium account online in minutes, if you can't you will be given a basic account which has limited access. You will be told how to upgrade to a premium account which you can often do either by visiting a VA facility, mailing in documents, or answering some questions.

eBenefits is constantly being upgraded with new functions added on a regular basis. If you are receiving any VA benefits or are a veteran using the eBenefits system to access your veteran and military records can't be beat for convenience.

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